National Infertility Awarness Week.

This week is national infertility week,  to mark it, we want to focus on causes and cure of infertility.

Infertility does not give any warning, often the first time couples find out that they have a problem conceiving is after marriage or after trying for a couple of months without success, even then the thought about infertility never crosses their minds.

This was our situation, young and healthy, there was not reason why we should not conceive at the first try. That was not to be, six months in and still no sign of me getting pregnant. We booked an appointment with our family doctor just to “Check” to make sure everything was fine. And it was. super duper

No blocked Tubes, ovulations test came back fine, no womb scarring, sperm count was fine. But it wasn’t until 7 years later we welcomed our first child.

We stayed the cause, we ran the race. I wish I can say it was void of fear, full of faith and hope, it wasn’t. There was moments of hysteria, despair and hopelessness.

No matter where you are on the journey never loss hope, do not give up, your story can change in a moment.

So on this national infertility week, I want to salute those who are still trying, staying the course and weathering the storms.

Next Article: Causes of Infertility for Women



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