Others View Point

The trying heart is full of questions. There was no single day I did not ask questions of myself, of others and of God.
Questions like: 

Why me? Yes we all ask that
What next?

How will this story end?

Will I ever become a mother?

Will I be able to handle life without a child? 

Who will call me moma? 

How do others see Me? This last question was once a constant thought on my mind.

At first it was a non-issue, I cared less what others thought of me, but as my time on the waiting mill continued and the knowing looks and side comments from others flowed in, I wondered: “what do they think of me” Barren, infertile, deserving of it? 

For the one trying the questions never ceases, at appointments, we are full of them, we throw numerous questions at our Doctor hoping for the answer we’ve been looking for. Hoping they will finally provide an explanation for our predicament.

We ask questions of ourselves and of others: because: 

  1. We want reassurance that our situation has a reason and that reason is not down to our faults or the faults of others: 
  2. We also want to find comfort in knowing that we are not thought of in a bad way. We want people to see us, not as victims of our situations. 

I will never forget the day I asked my husband what he thought of me. With an incredulous look on his face he answered with a question of his own “why would you ask that kind of question”, and went further to ask “has your view of me changed through this process”? Since we  it’s question time. 

He answered: I think you will make a great mum and I can’t wait to see that happen.You have been phenomenal in handling this situation, your resolve and faith inspires me. I believe you will come through a winner.

We want reassurance that our love ones still see us with the same eyes of love. 

 His answers were reassuring and genuine, but there is one whose view of us matters most to us: God: 

Question: So how do you think God sees you in terms of your situation? What do you think he thinks of you? 

  • Do you think he smirks when he looks at you When he hears you pray and ask for him to help you through  this phase? 
  • Do you think he sees you as a sinner who had that child aborted which makes you undeserving of a child now? 
  • Do you think that’s how the creator sees you? Unworthy to hold a baby of your own?

Sitting right where you are now reading this, pause and give this a thought. 
What’s been your view of God’s view of you. 
If it’s been one of unworthiness and undeserving? 
Let me enlightening you, whether you are a christian or not, you are deserving of having to hold your own little precious bundle of joy. 

As Christians we know that God loved us so much he GAVE His Son, His only Son for us on the cross. That is love, we were sinners and undeserving of that sacrifice but He Did it. 

If he gave up His Only Son for us, will he not also freely give us everything we desire? Yes He will. 
That’s my message to you today. He made that sacrifice for you, before infertility became the battle of your entire existence. His profession of love was in the form of a baby, how can he withhold you from holding your own baby?

God’s word is very clear on how he feels about you and what you are going through. Do not think for one second that your past has anything to do with your current situation, or that you are been punished for things you did do or did not do. 
God has unlimited capacity of love in his reservoir that no sin, past or present can extinguish or diminish. 
Be reminded that whatever your struggles of infertility are he rejoices over you with Singing and love. His desires for your will be realised. See his view of you in: Zephaniah 3:17 as I faced this struggle, one thing reassured me, that is His unfailing love for me. 

I am reassured that he sees me loved, whole, complete and sane. He died for me, he came for me, no infertility can change that. 

His view of me? I am special and worthy to die for, and worthy to be chosen to wait in faith. Yes, he knows why I have to go through this and when he has tried me I shall come forth as pure gold. Purified, refined and ready to be used for his glory. 

If you have struggled with God’s view of you, as you face infertility, realize you are worthy in His eyes.  
In time, your struggles  will be your cause for testimony. 

Rest, Hope, Believe. 

Your Partner in Hope: 


New Again 

It is a New Year, another year to hope and believe, to anticipate better things and to expect success as we look forward and begin afresh.

How do you explain to a 5 year old what a New Year is? My daughter knows the dates of the month, but has no concept of What a New Year is. She celebrated the dawn of 2017  by staying up late with us.

As we chorused ‘Happy New Year’ around the house my little girl ran up to me and said these words “Happy New You” mummy… I paused and asked her what she meant, she then went on to say, mom’, “we are new again”, it’s the new year…. 
Without thinking I responded yes we are new again… 

This got me thinking. 
New Again? That’s not how I felt, we grown ups know we grow older with each passing year. How am I New again?… this was definitely food for thought for me.The thought of growing older is more real to the couple trying to conceive, we all know that age is not on our side and each passing day without conceiving drives the point home.

Top of my New Year’s list during our trying days was my wish to be pregnant “Lord let this be my year”. It was my only request…. and that prayer went unanswered for 7 years 
I felt older each year….

I did not feel new again, I felt robbed of my youth, of not being able to carry a child in my prime. When will I become a mum? At one point I asked God to give me a child at a specific time to avoid going over a certain age…. still no baby…. 

How do you view the arrival of another New Year? Certainly Not New Again. You may have given up trying, hoping and praying, as your reservoir of hope runs out, you look forward without any real expectations.

“How? Where do we start from? You ponder. New Year, new hopes, same dream… still no result? 

My daughter’s statement reminded me of another statement “ he makes all things beautiful in his time” Let me encourage you to have fresh hopes, yes the years are rolling by, we all grow old and it may seem that you are aging faster than you would like…, you look into the Year and can’t seen to see your child…. but an aging womb…. 

Be encouraged “He Makes All Things New”.
See the future with fresh eyes of faith, let the Knowledge of the creator infuse you with fresh zeal and assurance. Believe for new faith to see beyond now to what will be. Let your faith bloom, like fresh flowers in spring time.

My daughter is right, ‘ We Are New Again’. New in our thinking, New in our actions, New in our friendships, and relationships. Renewed in our beliefs. New in what we choose to believe. New visions. 

Most of all we can be New in our spirit and soul. He make all things new including our dying eggs, yes he can recreate and create new ovaries or sperm. 

Do not let your zeal or faith grow cold for lack of results, yes you are New Again for He makes all things New…
Happy New Year.