Valentine’s Poem to My Unborn Child

img_1960It was Valentine’s Day and we had planed to go see a movie, then the flow came and that changed everything. 

I was tired, I felt deflated. I was just tired. Why couldn’t it wait another day before showing up. I wanted a night with my hubby, without you flowing, a reminder of what we don’t have. 

That night I wrote this, cos I was tired of trying, of bleeding, of hoping, of waiting. I was just plain tired.

No one waits for this long with out wondering if it will ever happen, so if you are in that place of tiredness. You are not alone.

See your dreams fulfilled through this poem. Christmas and waiting::

Tired of losing you. 

This pain will not go away It lingers and grips with icy cold fingers.

I am filled with dread every time you delay.

Your flow is another reminder of loss so sad it hurt.

I am tired of losing you, again and again and again. A flow not wanted albeit still descended, reminder of another lost.  

Tired of losing you, each month of  flow announced by a twinge of pain.

I bleed externally and internally
My heart thorn in pieces I fear it will erupt in a thousand tiny places. My one true hope and desires lies on a red stained pad. 

 I wonder, what’s to become of you if you do stay. I am tired of losing you.

I hope you know I desire you so badly it hurts. I grieve the absence of you, manifested in a flow.

But look forward to the day when blood will cease and a kick I will feel.

Then I can embrace the dream of you becoming real to me. 

Like me you too maybe tired of losing flowing monthly.

But no matter what, Embrace who you are becoming through this process, stronger, better and bigger, a victor not a victim. 

Happy Valentine’s Day. 



Your Partner in Hope



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