National Infertility week.

What you need to know before starting IVF

It is National Infertility week

I want to use this medium to highlight what couples “Must know” before embarking on a IVF.

I am incredibly grateful that I have my two kids, However, who knows maybe, I would have had them earlier had Icdone a little bit more research and knew what I know now.

This is why I decided to start this blog.

This post will talk about the important things anyone embarking on IVF should be aware of

Success Rate: it is medically known that a woman’s fertility drops sharply after 40. The Success rate for women using their. Own eggs drops to 15% in the early 40s and then to 5% in mid 40s or older.

It however doesn’t mean IVF won’t work, but it is important you know the success rate as it may take a little longer to conceive via IVF.

Recent statistics shows that while birthdate is decreasing for all groups of women it is increasing for over 40s thanks to the success of IVFs.

Other question to ask are and consider is the possibility of multiple pregnancies.

I wanted twins so badly, just so I can do it in one go and have the kids I do desire.

There is a higher chance of multiple births if multiple eggs are fertilised and transferred back into the womb.

Transferring more than one embryo is done to increase the chances of pregnancy. I had 2 fertilised embryos transferred but only one survived which is my first daughter.

IVF is not cheap, reasoning is to give more than one embryo the chance of implanting in the womb. Successful implantation May lead to multiple birth and financial savings in terms of needing more treatment for other pregnancies.

You should also find out about the process.

IVF Has fulfilled the dreams

of many couples, however it is not without its heart aches.

I had two failed cycles before my 3rd IVF, it is an incredibly emotional process. It is not stress free at all, but you must decide to find way to remain stress free.

I recalled during the two weeks of injection how sick I was, it was painful, I felt full all the time, hot flushes and bloated.

The first time my clinic offered no help or assistance but on my 3rd try I was given possible suggestions on what to do and an emergency contact number in case I needed to speak with someone.

Find out what your clinic offers. Some clinics offers one size fits all treatments, but everyone is different and have different medical diagnosis hence I believe IVF Should be tailored to meet each couple’s needs.

Talk to your doctor and find how what help is available to learn the side effects and reduce the stress faced during treatment.

Best wishes in your journey towards parenthood.

Your Partner in Hope


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Information in success rate of And rate from the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority.


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