To add or not to add

  • Purpose in Pain
    Is there a reason for this pain, why can’t it just end, why the disappointment, discomfort and the long wait. These are questions we have all asked ourselves in times of great suffering. Our pain leaves us with more questions than answers. How do you carry on living in the mist of great pain? Disappointment […]
  • Samuel
    I love the story of Hanna in the bible. let the story of Samuel’s birth give you hope. No matter how bad or bleak the situation may seem. Your story will end in victory. I leave you with the bible passage here of David singing to God after he overcame. This is not Hanna’s song, […]
  • When God Brings Peace.
    What does peace look like? I  asked the kids at  Sunday school. Their answers were surprising and came in quick succession.   One replied: when I don’t have any fears. another, when I am happy, sleeping and playing, holiday brings peace. when I lie down and there is no sound. But one child replied: When […]
  • Reason To Celebrate
    My best friends birthday was approaching, It was a significant milestone. I remembered planning ahead trying to figure out what we’re going to do for her. I contacted her to find out what she had planned, I persisted in asking her until she said “I won’t be having any celebration”. I sort of expected it […]
  • In Silence
    In quietness lies strength I sit still, with my hearts eyes upward looking, I see seas of love and promises of peace I am strengthen In this quiet state My gaze firmly fixed at something which seem within reach, yet so far away. In silence, I ponder the future not with fear, or uncertainty But […]


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