To add or not to add

  • To freeze or not.
    This is still the question asked by many women. weather or not to freeze their eggs. As the awareness around infertility increases I believe there should be deliberate effort to make women aware of how fertility works. From an early age, women should be informed of the decline in their fertility so that they can […]
  • Covid Vaccine: Fertility and miscarriage claims fact checked by BBC.
  • Tips to help treatment
    1. keeping a healthy weight. increases ones chances of pregnancy by any method. According to the NHS, a weight under BMI of over 25 is ideal, they recommend that couples trying to get pregnant work toward achieve a healthy weight. It is thought that an obese woman may have hormonal issues which may impede pregnancy. […]
  • Extracts from Glamour: Amirah Vann her journey to motherhood
    I read this story and wanted to share it. Our stories are different, and our journey towards parenting will be different, no matter the test, It will come to pass.
  • To add or not to add

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