Christmas Traditions

There are several Christmas traditions we repeat yearly.

Some traditions involves, attending Christmas market, baking cookies, ginger bread. attending carol services, nativity trails.

In my house, we usually decorate a gingerbread man weeks before Christmas and my kids then have the difficult job of finishing it before the new year.

In some cultures and even now, the expectation is for young and single people, specially female to have graduated at 22, have a job at 23, get married at 24, and start having children and be done with that before 30.

When these things doesn’t happen in that order, we start to feel despondent and disappointed, afraid that our body clock is running out, eggs become deformed or unhealthy.

So traditions have placed on women the expectations to become a mother above all else.

These are traditions of men.

But do you know with God there are no traditions? It is in God’s nature to love us unconditionally and His love does not depend on our achievements.

As you wind down this year, pondering over what it would be like to have your own child at the time you wanted it, has it affected your peace, robbed you of joy and living your life to the full?

I want you to be free of the burden that has been placed on you by society. Anchor your hopes on Christ promises with No Fear for the future.

His love for us will not and it’s not dependent on whether we are parent.

His nature is to love us regardless of the expectation and traditions imposed on us by society, your families friends or spouse , just know that God’s love has no expectations he loves you regardless be secured in that love.

Your Partner in Hope


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