God’s unchanging nature

You have changed a lot, my friend screamed, having not seen me since my last child she was surprised at how much I had changed and then in the same breath she tuned, you haven’t changed at all.. I was confused.

Which was it? I wondered after we parted.

No one remains the same for ever,  we change physically as we progress in age and we also change emotionally as we progress through life.

Our situations either make or break us, we can either become stronger from what we face or more emotionally broken, it’s just the way we are made.

How have you changed since you were diagnosed with infertility?

Infertility and it’s accompanying relations leaves one emotionally broken and drained. No matter how hopeful, faithful, strong one is, this experience takes us to the highest heights and lowest of lows. The only constant in all this is God who never changes, his love for us remains unchanging, stead and ever present.

Your spouse may abound you in the process, You may give up on your dreams, your friends will go on have kids and friendship cycle will change.

Take heart God hasn’t given up on you. From generation to generations, year in year out, through pain and happiness, he remains with us, in us and for us.

Whatever our humble circumstances He who comes to us as a baby, now lives in us as our comfort, friend, King, companion and father.

Just as he remains unchanged so is His word, we can rely on His promises, Peace and strength when we most need it. He remains unchanging.

Through the years, heart aches, pain, sorrow, joy and laughter.

Your partner in Hope


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