Room Of Hope

imageI remembered the day I walked into the room set aside to be my nursery, it was my then gym. On this particular day as I entered the room I saw something different. Instead of a gym, I saw a crib.

i saw a beautiful room adorned in light lemon and green with drapes of gold, I saw a tiny crib by the window and a closet of beautifully hung clothes.

I also saw some wall deco, of little animals and hand prints, but I saw no baby. Instead of being elated and happy at the vision of my crib I was troubled, I didn’t see a baby. I tried to picture a baby But I couldn’t.

I was blinded by my desire to carry a baby, my world was consumed with this desire so much so that I could only see a room.

On this day I broke down and asked God to open my eyes to the truth of his word, to help me see through the eyes of faith.

I could not see my baby on this day, but after that prayer I took little steps of hope, and slowly  without trying, I could envision my child,

fertility has a way of clouding our vision. Remove the vail of despair and helplessness, see through the eyes of faith to what God has in store for you and bask in the assurance this brings.

A room beautifully adored with a baby to as call your own. Empty cribs, adored with white ribbons and little glitters of wool cut mittens,
Waiting to be worn,
Hats of cream, blue and pink colours, adore this space, waiting for that special little bundle
I do not known when this special person shall come down from above and take their home.
One thing is sure,
The day will come, and a cry will ring from
a room so beautifully adored.
A room where hope is born

© Rina Rose